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Happy Birthday to US !

Happy Birthday to Us!

It is hard to believe but we are another year older, 29 years old, in fact!

We are well into our 29th year already but we wanted you to know we are so grateful to all who have contributed to our continued success.

To Our Loyal Customers: Of course, our success is mainly due to you, our loyal customers most of whom live locally. We are especially grateful for you. Tourists are great but it is our local, loyal customers who keep our doors open year after year. Judging by the thousands of transactions each year we know we are doing something right. We hear so many customers who tell us “This is our favourite store in Vancouver” or on “Granville Island” or “favourite shoe store period”. “You are so kind and patient with me and my difficult to fit feet”.  We hear “for a small store you have always have such a great selection” and “I don’t know who does your buying but tell them they do a great job” and many other very positive remarks. All those positive comments and your business means we will be here for  a long time to come.

Through Thick and Thin: You have been there through so many tough times, too many recessions to count including the “great” one, wars, terrorist attacks and the most difficult one the pandemic. You even supported us through all of that. Since our store is a small, independent one we don’t project a corporate personality. Ours in not a blank face. We are - who we are; and thousands and thousands of you say yes to that.  We are even starting to see second generation customers! I am proud to say we are still thriving even after all the difficulties.

You matter to us: If you haven’t joined our loyalty program please do, people who are on it love it. It is set up specifically to our local customers and we never sell or trade your information to anyone. You are way too valuable to us, and it is only our local, loyal customer who get this program.

 Did we say thanks yet? Thank-you!


A Shout-Out to Our Employees: Thanks also to all the employees who have been with us over these many years, lots of whom we helped put through college, university even master programs. We usually get a few who come to see us every year to visit and to allow us to catch up on their lives. We don’t have an exact figure but there must be over 100 young people who we have provided work and mentorship for throughout our 29 years. We have even been to be invited to a wedding or two. I am so encouraged to have the staff we have now, they are so kind, patient, hardworking, ethical and responsible, and of course they know retail. We have employed so many great people.

Did we say thanks yet? Thank-you!


Next Year: There are lots more people to thank including our suppliers, sales reps, landlords and GI management but I will expand on that when we get to our 30th year, just around the corner. :)

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