10 Key features to look for when trying on shoes & sandals

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10 Key features to look for when trying on shoes & sandals

Naot gives their 10 tips on what you should be looking for when purchasing a new pair of shoes or sandals.

Just in time for you to decide on your summer footwear.


Footwear that is well-fitted, with a good and firm heel counter, which helps to lock the foot into the shoe and anchors it to the mid sole to give extra support.



Footwear that will prevent a foot or toe problem from getting worse.



Heel heights 2 inches or less, with a broad based heel – the higher the heel the greater the pressure on the front of the foot.



Non-leather soled footwear, as the sole acts as a cushion for the bones at the front of the foot.



Shoes with a little extra space at the toe, with a broader and deeper toe shape.  The most comfortable shoes have a toe box which allow a lot of room, preventing pinching or constriction of the toes.



Uppers that are more flexible, with softer leathers. A tight fit at the front of the shoe will lead to jamming of the foot, causing problems with joints and nerves.



Footwear with sole and heel materials that provide cushioning and shock absorption, and a back that holds your foot securely.



A wedge sole, which will distribute your weight more evenly, offering support all the way through the foot.



Test a shoe for cushioning by pressing a finger into the ball area. It should have a little give or a slightly padded feel. Comfortable shoes typically have a cushioned footbed that supports the natural shape of the feet.  NAOTS are cushioned, and are anatomically designed to keep you aligned, and thus healthier and more comfortable.



Shoes that have natural leather or suede insoles are breathable and pliable, and will prevent chafing and blistering.



NAOT footwear comes in different styles and footbeds, and address all of these 10 points.

NAOTS are recommended by doctors and foot specialists worldwide.

Try on a pair and you will see and feel the difference!


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