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Instructions for use of Oil Lamps & Burners

Please follow these instructions for safe use of oil lamps.

Instructions for use of Oil Lamps

An oil lamp will provide years of trouble free service, when the following procedures are observed.

  1. Always remove the oil container from the oil lamp before filling.
  2. Remove lamp chimney and unscrew burner carefully without using adjustment shaft as a lever.
  3. Fill oil container to 3/4 of its capacity with a refined non scented lamp oil.
  4. Replace burner and allow wick to become saturated for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Adjust wick so that it shows just over the top of the wick tube and make sure it is level and straight. Trim with sharp scissors is necessary.
  6. Place chimney after lighting and turn up slightly to avoid cracking or shattering of the cold chimney glass.
  7. The wick should be adjusted to give a reasonable light without smoking. On first lighting, the wick may have to be adjusted.
  8. Extinguishing should be done by turning the wick very low and blowing across the top of the chimney. Do not touch the hot chimney.
  9. Do not relight the oil burner before the chimney is cooled down.

 Other General Hints About Safe Oil Lamp Use   

Below are other common sense general use hints and tips for safe use of oil lamps:

  1. Wicks of oil burners with spreader caps need to be trimmed on a more regular basis, as an even flame is very important for an even light.
  2. Always keep a table lamp on an even surface.
  3. Do not leave burning lamps unattended, and keep them well out of reach of children.
  4. All lamps are stove lacquered.
  5. In a salt water environment it is strongly recommended that lamps should be cleaned regularly with clean water and wiped dry to avoid pitting.