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Unusual Boat Names

Boat Names - A Unique and Personal Story - Send us your unique boat name

At Red Sky At Night, we love unique and funny boat names that have distinct meaning to their owners. After all, to many of us, our boats are our passion; our dreams - so why shouldn't they have names that help us define who we are and what we enjoy!


Tell Us Your Boat Name

We invite you to submit your boat name. Please be sure to tell us what kind of boat you have, where your are located, and most importantly why you have chosen your unique boat name.

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 Unique Boat Names  

Bounty Hunter- 31’ Chris Craft Commander Sport Fish with twin 427 ci Fords motors located in Gig Harbor WA. I have a Bail Bond Recovery business and the boat reminds me of fishing out of Cabo San Lucas. This is one of Chris Crafts fastest boats in 1968.

Joe in Gig Harbor

21 ft. Outlaw River Boat,located in Whitecourt, AB
We do like to have the odd cocktail. The name speaks for itself
It's All Good
1980 MFG 13’ runabout w/ 70 Evinrude located in Lake Havasu, AZ
My wife and her family always use the phrase when I am down on my luck or after certain discouraging circumstances. A pessimist hates nothing more than an optimist, right? The phrase tends to get under my skin. But when I get in my boat, it does seem to be all good.
A Pretty Penny
42' Carver 406 aft cabin Seaford, Virginia (lower Chesapeake Bay)
The wife's name is Penny, so the name is a play on her beauty and the $$$ involved in a boat purchase. The key to getting a bigger boat is to name it after her. Once I came up with this name, I was cleared to go boat shopping.
A N T U - U 2
Dear Reader....odd boat names?....try this one....many years our family sailed a pride and joy - a 16ft Merlin Rocket which was know as the "Four buoys" in honour of myself and my young 3 sailing mad teenage sons. Such was our arrogance and miss-judged ability we decided to 'race at and during Cowes Week dinghy fun events! ....... I know I know (now!)... and inevitably we always came last and embarrassingly tail-end Charlie, in fact we were often asked to switch the club house lights off when we eventually returned. Such were the derisive, hurtful comments shouted our way by passing fellow competitors - that my sons and I unanimously decided at a painful committee meeting (with me on Pink Gins and them on neat Pink lemonade) to call our boat A N T U - U 2. If you read it out s-l-o-w-l-y and phonetically it needs little explanation and will give you some idea of our feelings at that time. Cheerfully we all moved on to greater things.....nuclear submarines, Ice breaking Patrol ships and two-masted schooners - but that's another story. ......so kind regards....safe sailing....
Hammer Head
I am a builder and I love my job. (Although I love boating more) Palm Island, Florida – 22’ Robalo walk around
Kashmir was the name of my husbands band--- after a few brain tumors he was unable to continue playing due to hearing problems. Now he sails ----and loves it. What better name than "Kashmir" for a fine old 47ft. sail boat who had trained over 10,000 sailors. Wish Led Zep could know just how much his song has meant. A journey indeed ! What fun this is--Thanks
My Baby Too
2008 Sea Ray 175 sport
I have called my wife Baby since we met. So when we bought the boat it became the other woman so we named it My Baby Too.
Our boat is a 52 foot c-yacht houseboat that we are remodeling and plan to liveaboard on in the flordia keys. We currently live in Evansville, Indiana.
1960 14' Arkansas Traveler with a 1957 35 h.p. Johnson Javelin outboard, Port Charlotte, Florida.
I was injured in the line of duty in 1995 as a law enforcement officer in N.Y.S. and never thought I'd ever own or ride a boat again but I finally got one and of course, it needed a name. In legal history, a bote, also spelled bot or bót, was a compensation, recompense, or amends for some injury or loss. It is the source of a variety of other terms as well. With early retirement and social security being my recompense and my first and middle initials being P. T., I named my little boat...
Hail Caesar
1991 Carver 280 Aft. Starport Marina, Orillia Ontario, Canada.
We drove our boat for several weeks with no name on the transom - nothing seemed to suit it. We had recently moved to a new marina and were meeting our neighbors in the slip beside us for the first time - following two weeks of holidays. Well one friendly drink turned into two...three....four....well you get the picture. The following day I had several conference calls that I was running for work and I had woken up with a significant hangover from drinking all the caesars the night before. When on the phone, in order to cover up my 'foggy head' I mentioned to my conference audience that I was suffering from sunstroke. My husband standing in the background started raising his hands and shouting "Hail Caesar! .... Hail Caesar!" ... the name was applied to the transom 2 days later!
My wife and I while living in Portland Ore. Restored a basket case 1966 28ft. Trojan and turned her into a perfect lady. Because of our age most intelligent folks don’t take on projects like this. Since we were later in life so the name. Sadly she was lost in a severe storm in 1989…..RIP ole girl.
Tin Can Ada
1992 home built 24' steel work boat with cabin. Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada
We converted a tired 1992 24' steel work boat into a day cruiser. Turned out to be a head turner and a well behaved vessel. Tin Can Ada is the name. Tin represents the steel the boat is made from. Can stands for the plain shape of the boat.
1964 21 Valco Aluminum cruiser (formerly a firefighting boat).
I call it MY FAVORITE DAUGHTER because I have five daughters and I tell each one your really my favorite daughter you know. It's been a family joke ever since and now starting with my grandaughters. One of my daughters accused me of my boat being my favorite because I spend more time with it than anything.
1978 Marlin Jet Boat with a 454 Chev. Lake Tapps, WA
Got a little carried away with the building of the engine! Definitely a fast and fun boat, thus the name!
Pied Piper 28 ft located in New Bern, N.C.
Boat is used for fun and relaxation on the Neuse River, Cape Lookout, Oriental and Oracoke all in N.C.
Yacht Sea
My kids and I always played Yahtzee, the game, so when we bought a 65’ houseboat we came up with the name Yacht Sea. I lived in Ohio and the boat was kept at Brookville Lake, Indianna. We loved it then ended up going through a divorce after finding out about my wifes affair and had to sell the boat.. Bummer……….
Per Mare II
Cape Dory 28 Flybridge - Ivy Lea, Ontario
Our last name is MacDonald and our clan motto is:"Per Mare - Per Terras" (By sea and by land). Kinda says it all...
401(k) SUN(k)
8foot AQUALARK 1996
Let's face it...these are tough time$, but it's still nice to get out & have some fun in the sun
North American Yachts made this Spirit 6.5,Napa, CA
received this 21’ sailboat for free from a guy cleaning out his Dad’s house/shed/etc. Boat name is “Libera” which is Latin for “free”
Plenamar 30ft sailboat in Buenos Aires , Argentina
An Argentine saying for "very good, very nice" is "Un kilo", coming from some advertisement campaign. Our dear late friends, carpenters doing the internal cabinetry, were so proud of their work that they rewarded themselves saying that everything was coming out even better than that: UN KILO ... Y MEDIO (One kilo + one half-kilo): we shortened to KILOYMEDIO
My wife Lesley and I named our 29' Ranger sailboat "Legacy" for two reasons. 1st it was purchased with an inheritance from my mother and the 2nd reason was -- LE sley & GA ry go to (CY) Pronounced "See" corny but it worked for us.
Breathin Easy
Bayliner 215 Clarks Hill, South Carolina
We named this boat after we paid off everything and the kids are grown and I retired. So now we are Breathin Easy.
Bayliner Ciera 305 Cruiser – in Gainesville, Georgia
My husband and I came up with the name because he loves to fish, and is totally distracted with fishing whether we are on the boat dock or cruising in the water . I have to admit he is a good fisherman. For me, I am real distracted from the hustle and bustle of daily life while I am on the boat. So the name makes perfect sense to us.
Whale Song
1979 Catalina 22 (#9151), Lake Lanier in North Georgia.
Got her name because of the sounds she makes while moving through the water. As she reaches about 3 knots of speed, you can hear variable pitched tones (humming) caused by the stainless cable for the keel retraction system. Some might consider it an annoyance, but my wife, an educator and science teacher, called it right when she said "it sounds like a whale".
1997 Bayliner Trophy 2002 WA, Port Canaveral, FL.
I've always loved the song "Locomotion" by 'Grand Funk Railroad', and since my boat is only 20' I do tend to feel the east coast ocean motion quite a bit...lol
Family Tradition
Four Winns 190 Horizon, Wacca Wacce Marina, Murrells Inlet, SC
This boat is for the use and fun of our entire family. It acts as a catalyst for family gatherings, laughter and sharing of stories.
Iona's Working
27' Grady White Islander. We are located in Wells Harbor Maine
The reason my husband chose this name is every time he would go to the harbor people would ask "where is Iona" and he would always say Iona is working. That is how our name came about. Everyone loves the name. Iona
Sick Leave II'
24' Maxum 2300 SC. Nine Mile Falls, Wa6
Our 1st boat was named 'Sick Leave'. I was a Federal employee at the time (Air Guard) and I always told everyone that I used my sick leave for pleasure. The real term was know as 'FEHRS Annual' but very few would recognize that. Our current boat is now named 'Sick Leave II'. I have since retired but people still wonder where I get all the free time.
Crack of Noon
18  Alumacraft Trophy 180
The name kind of came by accident. Normally after a long night of celebrating everyone s safe arrival to the cabin, we tend not to wake with the sun. anyways, we Headed out fishing the next &..afternoon when my buddy asks  what time is it . My dad chimes in and says bout the crack of noon . The rest is history
20 ft Four Winns Runabout here in Arizona.
The wife and others say I talk a lot so I have been conditioned to simply reply to any questions by saying "DAMN IF I KNOW"! Actually still working on the problem! LOL Hence the name...... DAMIFINO
Gator Knights
27' Crownline deck boat - 2006
I am a University of Florida graduate (GO GATORS!!).  My husband is a University of Central Florida graduate (GO KNIGHTS!!).  We both love our schools, and we wanted to combine our mascots into one name
C.O.A.S.T.A.O.L. P.
1983 12' Sears Gamefisher jon-boat, central PA
Cause Of And Solution To, All Of Lifes Problems e
22' Starcraft Islander, Thunder Bay, Ontario
First three letters of each of our children's names: Brady, Niklas, Kira
Maison Blanche
44ft Atlantic motor yacht
Our oldest son felt that we should name the boat so that it coincided with our name and the fact that we are thinking of living onboard. Thus the name of the boat is "Maison Blanche" French for "White House". e
Les Go
30' Chris-Craft Sportfisherman
Our dad was a lifelong fisherman and he was also very impatient and always in a hurry. Everytime we went fishing we would hear Dad saying "Let's go! ... Let's Go!" as we loaded the boat. Naturally being in a hurry he sort of left out the "T" sound and it came out as "Les Go". His name was Les, so we named the boat Les Go. We won and placed in many tournaments with that boat and the name is just one that people like for some reason. Everyone remembers the Les Go.
2005 25ft Bennington Pontoon Boat
Our kids love it, so our last name is Proffitt so my sister came up with, NOT A BAD PROFFITT. So it guess it wasn't a bad profit everybody enjoys it. Every weekend you can find us in Tn on Watts Bar Lake.
'07 chaparral 210
How many times has somebody flaked out at the last minute. So i just started telling them (I'LL SKI YA LATER) .
It's 5 O'clock somewhere
35' Hydra 1 Houseboat, Pueblo Colorado
big fan of Jimmy Buffet, do I need to say more.
1973 Helsen II - 22 ft. Sailboat Aydlett, NC
I'm located on the Currituck Sound where, in season, I sail and duck hunt. The sound also has an abundance of ducks commonly called "Coots." Due to my locale, the boats age and my senior self, the name "Ol' COOT II" seemed appropriate.
Miss B. Haven
1993 model 26 foot Bayliner Cierra cruiser
I aim to misbehave.
Sea Nile
2008 Catalina 387 sailboat
She currently resides on Lake Texoma (On the Texas side of the Lake). We had to name her Sea Nile because my wife and I obviously are. We also own a 10 Ft. dinghy and her name is "Just A Little Sea Nile". We have also just purchased a 2008 25 Ft. Chris Craft......Now you get the picture! We are "Too Sea Nile" .
Gator Knights
27' Crownline deck boat - 2006
I am a University of Florida graduate (GO GATORS!!).  My husband is a University of Central Florida graduate (GO KNIGHTS!!).  We both love our schools, and we wanted to combine our mascots into one name

Good Grief
16  1998 SeaDoo Speedster, Dallas Texas
We bought our hot zippy jet boat used and immediately had small little problems to work out.  We took it in stride knowing in life there s always going to be some grief, and if you re going to have grief, it might as well be good grief.

 Wreck Radier
55ft Ocean Yacht and reside off the coast of New Jersey
Our boat name is Wreck Radier, which was chosen for the fishing & diving that we do on the New Jersey Wrecks.

40 foot Bayfield sailboat.
We have just bought the boat and were wanting to know what that means?

The Grand Illusion
2006 18' Larson 180 SEI

Much to the displeasure of my 13 and 15 year old kids, I named our boat after my all time favorite rock album.

Patience Two
Gemini 105Mc catamaran (two hulls).

Patience is what I ve named each of my boats, to remind me to have some with the crew, and that with a sailboat all things take time. My Crownline 250 cr express cruiser of course named Impatience. Dinghy is Lil  Patience.

A musical term for set our own tempo.  In Italian, the name translates to thief or robber .  In music it is rob the time.  A boat can be a thief the way it drains your wallet.

My boat is a 1965 Owens Flagship and I am based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada on the Ottawa river.
                     The name of my boat is AQUADISIAC which means love of water.
2000 42 Silverton Convertible.
                     Meaning entirely satisfactory, this is my 3rd Copasetic, a favorite expression of my late grandfather, who died on                      the day I took delivery of the   first one.
We've just purchased a 21 ft Crest Pontoon boat. We will be docked near Burlington VT at Mallett's Bay starting spring 2007. 

Lagniappe is a Louisiana Cajun word meaning "a little extra" or a small bonus or gift.  Since I lived in New Orleans until Katrina moved me north, we decided on a name that would offer discussion ("What's that mean?") so we could discuss the serious needs that still exist in the Gulf South, and have a reminder of the wonderful life we left behind in New Orleans.
Our Little Secret
22 ft Larson Cabrio
We named it because we bought the boat in November and did not tell any of our 7 kids untill we pulled it in the driveway in April getting ready for our first time out on the boat!

Summer Solstice
2005 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer, Barnegat Bay, NJ
The longest day of the year 

Summer Solstice II
2007 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer on Order for 2007 season  Barnegat Bay  Forked River
The longest day of the year 

Si Como No
1978 Pearson 35 sailing out of Englewood, FL (SWFL)
This name is not original. I copied it from a beautiful hotel in Costa Rica that I visited about 10 years ago. Freely translated it means: Yes. Why Not. I had just sold my "last ever boat" when she came into view. I really couldn't name it "Oh What The Hell" so I chose this instead. (Note: I have mentally put this name on every sailboat I've ever had. This ones the real thing!)
Major Payne II
I purchased my first boat in 1992 ( a 1989 20' Sportcraft Bow rider) as, obviously, someone else's headache, hence the name - "Major Payne II

Kala Lua
1990 28"' Carver Montego 25 - Dana Point, CA 
                     My husband and I have a 28' Carver Montego with a small back side. He has been to Hawaii a lot and wanted to give our boat a Hawaiian                              name. Since the Hawaiian translation for my screen name (blondbat) would have required a boat the size of the Queen Mary or Elizabeth, we                          went for something short, sweet and to the point.  In English, the name means Money Pit! That's what you get when you buy a used boat!!!
Insolent Minx
18' Reno Lake Skiff
The name is all too fitting for me and I had to name my boat that when I saw it on the movie The Jackal.

Kayleigh's Tuition
18' maritime Skiff located at Millway Marine in Barnstable Harbor, MA
Named the boat the day after visiting Syracuse University with my daughter who is a senior in high school.

Laus Deo
1978 Catalina 27' (tall rig) sailboat
Because i "survived" my military service in I Corp Vietnam (USAF '67-'68) as a medic, and more recently a lengthy career in law enforcement, plus having a very rewarding & satisfying 'post retirement' forensic consulting business, while enjoying good health .. and a extremely supportive wife (also in police work) .. we named our boat:  Laus Deo.  If you google that name you'll find that this Italian phrase is imprinted on a brass plate high atop the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, and that it means PRAISE BE TO GOD!  And it is in that spirit of Celebration, that we chose Laus Deo

Deep Calling
1978 36' Universal Trawler,  Seattle, WA
My husband wanted to name the boat "Deep Calling Deep" after the Biblical philosophy of the soul crying out for God (deep calling deep).  But on the hailing channel, it would be "Deep Calling Deep" calling & &so he shortened it to just "Deep Calling".  Unfortunately, most of the marinas respond to us thinking we said "Keep Calling".  The name sums up for us the wonder and awe of enjoying His creations and beauty while at sea. 

My wife and I are restoring/converting a 25 foot Chris Craft Cuddy into a Center Consoled fishing machine.  During the process, we got pregnant with our first child.  Before we knew it s sex, I called him my little tuna .  When we were told it was a boy, we decided on Fynn as his middle name, of course, after the yellow fin tuna.  Hence, FYNN UP II

Rock~ness Monster
1959 Alumacraft model FDR 14 foot runabout, Crystal Falls, Michigan
I found her lurking in the tall grass at a yard sale early in the Summer of 2006. I named her " Rock~Ness Monster " because with 40 hp on her back, she slides across the water with the grace of a serpent and she's pretty rare. (only 702 ever built )

Second Job
Lurhs, 32 Lurhs Sportfisher, 35 Bertram
Being a Firefighter, Bill worked a second job on his off days for almost 20 years.  He often stated, I can t wait to quit my second job, and spend my off days fishing .   When we finally bought a boat we realized the name was warranted for other reasons !  We are now on our third boat &..all have been called Second Job 

Caught in the Moment
1984 26' Stamas cc, E Coast of Lk Michigan (no home port yet)
If you saw my husband (a structural engineer) when a fish was on-you'd know.

Reelin` Feelin`
30 ft proline sport fisher, San Rafael, California, fishing/pleasure boat
There used to be a radio program here where a guy pretended to be a radio evangilist soliciting money. He used to say: "Put one hand on the radio and the other hand on your wallet cause I got that healin` feelin`" I took it off from there cause fishing / boating is a healing experience for me.

I have a 12 ft Sears Teddy Williams row boat that was made in the early 70's.  I have a trolling motor on it and spent some money getting some TX numbers for the boat just to troll while fishing.  We asked my 2 yr old daughter what she wanted to name it and she said WHALE SEARCHER, kinda fitting for a little dingy.  I have a ball on my Murray riding mower that I use to take it down to the lake when wife has the truck. Also use it to pull daughter and neighbor hood kids around block it gives everyone a kick!

Knot Hers
After many discussions over weather or not to bvuy a boat we are the proud owners of a 20 foot pontoon that my husband wanted for the longest time. I finally agreed but wanted nothing to do with it, so he named it "Knot Hers".

1984 32' Marinette Cruiser, Paducah, KY
My wife's dad owned a boat dealership when she was young.  Her mom made sure their houseboat, on KY Lake for the summer, was "Not for Sale".

Off Duty III
2001 23.3 Chaparral Cicero, IN
My son named the first one -off duty from the fire department. The next one will be Off Duty IV Good.

1966 17 foot Century Resorter (Woody)
Almost every stick of wood on this classic has been replaced.  You might say, it s been raised from the dead.  And just like the Lazarus of old, it is destined to someday return to dust.

17FT tracker
She'll get out from under ya quick.

Quad L's 
I am located in New Jersey. 

Boat name is Quad L's  used to be 4 L's. Family of four all with the first name starting with L.

Stick and Move
2006 G3
I like to go to a new fishing spot catch one fish and move to another. Like boxing.

22ft tanzer sailboat, located at Utah Lake State Park
My husband and I could never have children so we bought a sailboat and named it PLAN B and now we can retire early and live on a bigger sailboat

Lure Me
16 ft. 2005 Smoker craft , Keizer, Oregon
In the process of looking for the new boat I kept coming back to this boat and kept negotiating with the dealer to sweeten the deal, finally we came to terms and signed a deal, the boat is for fishing and felt that "Lure Me" had more than just one significance, one for the deal and two for fishing.
Crazy Train
1991 bay-liner 2855 ciera, located on Coeur d'Alene lake, Idaho
We have named it crazy train because my husbands an engineer and when hes not working he gets to go a "little crazy" All Aboard!!!!

Shellback dinghy (with a gaff rig)
It was my husband's first boatbuilding project.  We named it Wisp because it's slight and beautiful.

Lo-Fin Around
23' Trophy Cuddy,  Navarre, Fl.
My 6 year old and me were on the boat in the drive way and we turned on the radio and put a Jimmy Buffet tape in. As we were enjoying the music and dreaming of being on the high seas, my wife came out and asked us if we were loafing around again......So the name stuck and is perfect for us.....

50  Custom Del Rey Sailing Yacht
It took 8 months to lay the new teak deck and during this time we were always trying to come-up with a new name for the boat. One day we noticed that at the end of every teak plank was written the word Trim . The name stuck and the boat and its owners love it!

Just Messing About
15 metre steel displacement cruiser, Newcastle Australia 

We built the boat 15 years ago. It is named after our two daughters favourite nursery theme &Wind in the Willows &paintings on both sides of the flybridge show Ratty and Mole rowing down the river and just messing about.

27 hunter 1981, Percy Priest Lake/ Nahville, TN
Sailing defined in one word.

1992 SPECTRUM 1750  Marysville, WA
My wife named our first boat because of God's Blessing when we purchased it.  When we are out on the water, the Smell of the open along with the snow capped mountains just add God's Blessings and the ability to spend glorious time on the Water.

330 Silverton Sportsbridge - Jacksonville, FL
Aquila is a galaxy of stars.  My boyfriend bought me two stars (side by side) in the Aquila galaxy in memory of my Daddy.  He said now we'll always be together!

Seidelmann 25, Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas
If you're a Jimmy Buffet fan it makes perfect sense. If you aren't the name speaks for itself.

All Charged Up!
2005 sea ray 300 sundancer, Marina del Rey, California
I grew up in San Diego and have been a big San Diego Chargers football fan all my life.   She has a dark blue hull and canvas with a decor of
navy blue and gold to match the team colors as well as a lightning bolt logo on the back.

As in "And now for something completely different," the name of our catamaran which is currently on the hard in Lunenburg, NS.  Our home port, however, is Round Pond, Maine.

Almost Free
I have a 2005 26' Ft Chaparral Sunesta.
I named the boat "Almost Free" for two reasons. 1) I sold stock to purchase the boat and I fortunately sold the stock at a high and the profits make the boat boat almost free. Also my kids are getting to the age when they will be moving out of the house and therefore almost free from parenting my lovely kids. I felt with this name I could come up with all kinds of stories. My wife just doesn't want it to have any meaning to our relatiionship.

Miss Mymonie
2005 50  McKinna sedan in Dana Point, CA
The name speaks for itself! All boat owners understand this concept &we just admit it in a public way!

My boat is Stargazer, a 1967 30' wood hull Chris Craft Constellation on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, Texas
This boat was a grande dame on the lake for years and years until left nearly derelect at the marina donated by a family estate.  She was disassembled down to the bare minimums and one engine (of twin 327s) and lists to port side. 
I'm presently rebuilding the missing engine and restoring the interior and exteriors myself (with professional help). I may need it by the time I'm done!
My father did NOT want me to buy this boat, but I HAD to have her.  I LOVE the classic woodies and she was made the same year I was born and the name JUST suits her!.  Joke on the dock is she's the "Leaking Leana".  Or, I could re-name her "Seeing Stars". I'll be doing a lot of that after all the money I'll have into her.  Hee!  Hee!

Uncle Sam
1976 Taylor SS, Lewisville Texas
It is red white and blue.

We are a three boat family. My wife has a habit of yelling at the kids to get in the "efen boat". The first boat (1975 18' Starcraft Holiday) became known as "The E.F.E.N. Boat" Then we purchased a 1971 36' Gibson Houseboat. The kids would still go to the wrong boat and my wife would yell the other EFEN Boat! So it was named "The Other E.F.E.N. Boat". The 12 foot dinghy we gave to our 13 year old son named Mitch and being blonde we named it for him, "Mitch's E.F.E.N. Dinghy" On "The Other E.F.E.N. Boat" we spell out that E.F.E.N. is an acronym fo Extereme Fun Entirely Naughty-cal. Of course I am the EFEN Captain and they are the EFEN Crew. People love to call us on the radio!

Gael Force
24ft Shark Keel boat, Bronte Harbour, Oakville, Ontario
We are Irish, what more can I say?

47' Vagabond Ketch
The name is from the South Sea Legend about the young girl Tasu from the village of Tak. The long lost legend describes the life and times that propelled her adventurous life.

42ft Ocean -located at the Jersey shore
After many fishing trips, it seems that the most often heard comment was - that was "unreal".

Miss "B" "havin"
2002 17' Glastron, Echo Lake, B-Say-Tah, Saskatchewan
Had to name it this because every time I'm in it I end up misbehaving!!

Lady Di
19' Flying Scot sloop, Port Oliver, Kentucky
I bought this boat because my wife was afraid of our smaller boat in heavy wind. This was during the time when Princess Diana was in the news a lot, so I named the boat for my Lady Di, whose name is Diana, not for the Princess.

Finding Nemo
2002 185 SeaRay
Our 3 year old has watched the movie over 100 times I swear, and he loves the water and the ocean, so we put it on our boat. On the water or the Interstate we get big smiles.

33 Sealine Lough Erne Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Fishing mad Family !!!! + wife loves to relax !!

Ship Happens
1998 290 Larson Cabrio, Menasha, Wi
I'm a boat mechanic and all fellow boaters know that "ship happens".

Barefoot & Topless
After 6 weeks of thinking of every name we could and printing as many off the internet we were walking around the marina and as usual I was barefoot--and my husband is bald--so hence the name --if you were to ask him he is the barefoot one though.

Stiff Ripples
2003 Glastron GX 205
As we primarily use it for wakeboarding, we selected a name pertinent to the sport of throwing a wake for my kids to jump off.

Sea Ray Sundancer
We love to scuba dive and usually point to the moray eels. It's a Sea RAY (pun is MORE Ray) Pun for Love in Italian Amore'

Chill Out
250 Fiesta Vee, Newmarket Ontario
I work for the largest refrigeration contractor in Canada. We're in the chilling business, very stressfull job when the weather warms up. As such we need a place to go to just "chill out" and destress. Our Rinker on Lake Simcoe is the perfect spot

Three Quarter Time
Grand Lake O' The Cherokees in Oklahoma.
Cause everyone here is just more than contented to be living and dying in three-quarter time. (Nautical Wheelers - Jimmy Buffet). Describes the speed of life when we are on our boat.

2005 Four Winns Horizon 210
Our Pugs Name is CODY. Go Figure!!!!! Close to coaster

Ai Toa Lua
24 foot Rayglass - Auckland, New Zealand.
Being a keen fisherman I named my boat "Ai Toa Lua" this looks like a pacific island name but say and it sounds "I tow a lure" Also trailer named Lua Toa. 24 foot Rayglass - Auckland New Zealand.

19' 2005 Bayliner Cuddy, Des Moines, WA
We chose this name because my husband is an avid hunter and I'm an avid Stephen King fan. It's nice the name worked for both of us!

Boston Sea Party
305 Bayliner, Minnetonka, Minnesota
New boat in 2005 and two new Boston Terrior Puppies in 2004 that are always out on the boat. When we go through the cannels everybody always oohs and aahs over the puppies sunning on the bow so I thought Boston Tea Party...no Boston Sea Party! We get a lot of chuckles when they see the name of the boat after we pass and have seen the Boston Terrior puppies on board.

34' Cascade Chinook sloop, Bellingham, WA
Tolo is a Chinook Indian name meaning "to gain or win". We liked it because the language corresponds to the boat model, a Chinook name gave us the excuse to use a NW Indian logo, it was different but easy to understand over the radio, and of course everyone wants their boat to win. Plus my maiden name is Toler...

Deep Trout
1985 Sunrunner 24 foot, Houghton, MI
We love to fish lake trout in Lake Superior and have to go deep to get them, so hence the name "Deep Trout"

Sans Frontieres
French meaning Without Borders: My first boat. I bought it with a girlfriend. I lived in Windsor. She lived across the Detroit River in Motown. We sailed back and forth all the time, never much paying attention to that pesky border issue

Chaparral 350 Signature Express Cruiser, Seattle, WA
Means "full of life". It is also a reference to my favorite cocktail-VDS, which stands for "vodka, diet-seven up".

Lille Draken
Norse for little dragon she is a 21' viking longboat (not so long) three rowing positions and based on the Gokstad in Norway and launched on the thames u.k. june 2005.

2005 19' Trophy walkaround , Monroe Mi.
I like to fish both for Salmon and Walleyes , Hince the Name SAM ' N ' EYES

Rode Warrior
Catalina 22- Savannah, GA
Because she is, we don't get out much.

1999 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer, Wilmington, NC.
We named her after a beach in La Jolla, CA, where I spent many a day while going to High School there. Windansea was appropriate for the Wilmington, NC, area! It never has a "d" at the end of "and". Also, it's always one word.

1978 Ranger 22 keel sailboat, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
I got her in 2004 and she had a different name. I planned to re-name her Rogue Ranger all summer. In 2005 when I got the first word "Rogue" on her I stopped. She may be the only 22 ft Ranger on Lake St. Clair, Mi. and is therefore a rogue.

Special Treat
1972 - 42' Gibson Houseboat - Upper Mississippi River - St. Paul, MN
It's my Special Treat, to me from me!

32ft 1988 Trojan F32
The title of an old Gypsy Kings song that we love. When translated Bamboleo means to gently rock or sway (as when dancing). This name won out over another that was suggested by my 16 year old son. Since the boat is a Trojan he thought we should call it the Happy Seamen

Tupper Ware # 1
1989 Doral Citation 26'
This is my first fiberglass boat after owning over 27 wooden boats. Among the wooden boat set the common reference to plastic boats is "Tupper ware".

Larson 330, Crusier, Lake Pleasant, Arizona
We are a family of fun loving boaters who also happen to be very centered and melow!

20' Highlander open cockpit sailboat, Edgewater yacht club Cleveland Ohio
Bought the boat from a psychiatrist hence the name for where he relaxed.

Pomme de Terre Lake, Wheatland, Missouri.
We fully restored a 1971 open bow Sidewinder jet boat w/ a bored out 455 Olds engine w/ a racing cam, racing pistons and a high performance carb. We came up with "Thunder" from the power of the engine and "squirt" because a jet boat is called "squirt".

36 Ft. Catalina sloop - Valparaiso, IN.
Kairos is a Greek word that means seas the moment. You might never have that chance again.

Wu Hsin
Watkins 25 Cruising Sloop - Charleston, SC
I was obsessing about naming the boat not wanting to cross any of the old sailors' superstitions. The day before launch I was skimming through books in my library and a Zen text book explained one Zen philosophy of living as Wu (no) Hsin (mind) meaning 'decide what you are going to do and then just do it'. That matched the philosophy behind the cruising we do.

Sea Mo' Butt
2002 18' Valco Bay Runner - Kodiak, AK
We wanted a name for our first boat that was catchy and stated our desire to bring home more halibut.

Juust Right
41' Maine Cat
She got her name from the Goldilocks story. You know how the porridge was too hot.too cold or Juust Right! Well she is juust right for us.

S k e e - R o w
2003 Sea Fox 23' CC
My very first boat, so I sat down and thought a little bit about what to name her. My dad always called me broskirowtito when I was little. Don't ask me why but he just did. Now that is shortened up. He now calls me Skee- Row. So i thought it would fit the boat perfect.

                     Im a co-owner in this boat, my partner is the father of twins and when they were little he could never go fishing so I used to bragg about all
                     the fun he was missing on our boat. Well 5 years went by, I got married and my new wife was expecting...yep you know it..twins. My partner                          got the last laugh and the boat became doubletrouble...

Hunter 25 sailboat at Muskegon Lake Michigan
When we bought the boat she was named Vitamin Sea. Nice name but we wanted something different. We have 3 boys and no girls. The family could not agree on a name. But when my wife called and said Allison I decided that was the name. The name we would have used for a daughter. By the way, my son says he may use that name if they have a girl. How about that, a girl named after a boat.

Sofa King Broke
28' Doral - Monticello 2005, Cape Coral, FL
My wife and I tried to be practical when buying our new boat but we ended up with a fully loaded Doral.

1986 Mach 1 Encounter 25 Kewaunee, WI
This one just happens to be the most fun, spending most of my summer weekends with friends on Lake Michigan fishing Salmon.

Serenity Now
1998 l7' Regal Bowrider Winter Park, FL
Named after the SEINFELD episodes where they try not to lose their sanity. Try is the operative word here.

Starter Kit
1989 Searay 280 Sundancer - Bowling Green, OH
After a few cocktails, my husband made the comment that our boat was a "stepping stone" to a bigger one. I countered with, "you mean a Starter Kit?"

Smells Like Fish
16 foot aluminum flats boat from the 70's - Delray Beach, FL/dd>
Even if everyone else isn't catching fish, we are and it always smells like fish.

Current Sea
Sea Ray 280 srv - mich ..as they say the great lake state
I own a business in computers and electronics.

One Too Many
1989 32' Marinette - Port Austin MI
At one point in time I was stopped by the DNR was asked may we check your cooler, Sir needless to say there was one too many in the cooler. To this day I count the catch more carefully.

EX on the beach
Dublin, Ireland
We were big into cocktails on the boat...not any more.

Thundecraft Magnum
..this because a school teacher and I had many verbal vollies over them having the summer off .... he always said I was crazy and had more days off than he .. so when I purchased the boat to tick him off I named it ' Dazeoff".. and aptly so

2005 Island Packet 370 Durango, Colorado
"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one." That about says it all!

28 ft Tiara Slickcraft
Wife hates the boat so when she or others call the office, my secretary is instructed to tell them, "Sorry but he is not in at the moment. He is out running errands."

1993 Grady White 19'
The first 2 II are black, the 3rd I is blue. I came up with the name when I bought it because it was the 3rd boat purchased saying this is the last one. Don't we all!

Molly Brown
1982 27' Albin Express, Helsinki, Finland
The adventuress who made a fortune on diamonds in South Africa is by now well-known from the film Titanic, but there has been another film on her life, called "The Unsinkable Molly Brown".

Hog Wild
1987 Grady White Sailfish 25, Bamfield, VI, BC
I am a meat broker in the Vancouver B.C. area mainly selling pork. Our fishing is done on the west coast of Vancouver Island in a small place called Bamfield. Large chinook salmon come into the area in the summer months and are known as " hogs ". Thus the name " Hog Wild".

El Grande
2004 Chaparral 252 Sunesta. Temple Bar, AZ
We love skiing along with our kids and recently graduated from the original 18' to a 25'. When deciding on a name, my wife said "Why not just add 'El Grande'?" Thar it is.

20' Balboa, Wilmington Island GA
"Sea Fever" by John Masefield has been one of my favorite poems since I first heard it in 10th grade, a loooong time ago. It defines my need for the salt water.

Six Stars
2004 Stingray 195LR, Massachusetts
Six for the 6 children, "ST" for the first 2 letter of my girlfriends maiden name. "AR" for the first 2 letters of my last name. And the "S" to make it plural. The kids really are "Six Stars".

1995 Catalina 36 MkII, Peoria, IL.
We have a lot of business realations in Asia. Kampai is the Japanese version of our "Cheers." It literally means to empty your glass and we love to do that!

1979 Morgan Out Island 33
In the last twenty years my husband and I have moved (on land) eleven times within five different states.

1984 Trojan International 10 Meter Express, west end of Lake Erie
Anyone who buys a boat that is 20 years old knows that morass is an apt name for such a boat. A lot of people attach some other (incorrect) meaning to the name.

Tooth n' Nail
25 ft Hydra-sport, Wilmington, NC
My husband is a contractor and I am a Dental Hygienist.

1979 Clark-designed San Juan 7.7, Buffalo Bay Marina, Red Cliff,WI
Three reasons for the name; Four-way ownership by teachers, who find that summer is the time for 'restoration' from the rigors of the school year..The boat was rescued from the back lot of a yacht dealer and went through a full 'restoration' back to cruising/racing capability.. And the original 'Restauration' was the first immigrant ship out of Norway in 1825 bound for the Americas, and most of the owners have Norwegian blood.

Stocks & Blondes
1984 Trojan 10 meter International. Lake Minnetonka MN
Although we may not have stocks, we make up for it with lots of blondes.

Noga's Ark
1969 Starcraft Holiday i/o, Cleveland, Ohio
My last name is Noga so of course my boat has to be called 'Noga's Ark'.

Ball Breaker
2003 Rinker 270, Wayne, NJ
My wife and I are big AC/DC fans, and thought it fitting to name our boat after a favorite song. Some say it's my personality...who knows, but one thing for sure, when we're being called onthe radio, it's funny to hear the chatter go silent!

2002 Sea Ray Sundancer 280, Beach Haven West, NJ
In 2002 we bought a lagoon front property and in less than 3 weeks later we purchased our boat! Buying a house and a boat within 3 weeks was complete "insanity"! We manipulated the spelling to accomodate our family's names (Nan, Ed & Ty).

Far Fetched
6.5M Zodiac RIB, South Coast of the UK.
Far Fetched because "to fetch" in nautical terms means to arrive at or to reach (or to hold a course (or veer!!)). Also in geography it is "the distance traveled by waves with no obstruction" or "the distance of open water over which wind can blow to create waves. The greater the fetch, the more potential power waves have when they hit the coast." We hope to go far in her and to enjoy ribbing in rough seas.

His Sea Fit
2004 Maxum 1800 SR3 - E. Setauket, NY
My husband has been bugging me for 17 years for a boat and finally I gave in. I thought when this man is on his death bed and he didn't get his 'toy' I would never hear the end of it. I would feel so terrible so.....

Relatively Faithful
2755 Bayliner Cierra- Las Vegas, Nevada
The name reflects a similar mindset shared by the boat and the owner.

Slow White
16 foot 1960-75 Ken-Craft net boat with a ' 74 six horse Johnson, Wilmington, NC
Because of the tendancy that this boat has to slide rather than to turn, the banks of narrow creeks keep a black streak down both sides of the boat. The need to remind people that the boat is really white and my six knot top speed makes the logical name for this boat "Slow white"

Sanibel 18, Winter Haven,Fl.
We really like Jimmy Buffett's music and my wifes favorite song is Volcano. I was tossing around several names and as a joke said, " why not name it the Volcano after the line in the song that says...I don't know where I'm gonna go when the Volcano blows?" And my family loved it.

Three Sea Sons
2004 24" Sea Ray Sundeck - Denton, TX
I have three beautiful boys that love the water, and there are three seasons that are good for boating.

Elesu Elesu
2003 Seadoo Utopia --Fort Morgan,Alabama
Being a graduate and avid fan of the fighting tigers from the bayou state, no other name seemed fitting for my second favorite pasttime.

1992 4 winns 20 foot Windham, Maine
The name speaks for itself....See you on the Beach!!

Tempus Fugit
28 ft Morgan Out Island
It means time flies in Latin. Older... yes, but one of the real Charlie Morgan designs. Ironically I lost it in the divorce settlement last year and my ex husband let it break up on the rocks near Stuart, Florida a couple of months ago. For more reasons than one "Time Flies". I will miss her.

Sea My Johnson
1965 18' Jon Boat with a 1956 Johnson Javelin, Brandon, Florida
I have rebuilt the vintage motor from top to bottom. When I first got the motor, I once told my wife that if she sat in the back of the boat with me I would let her touch my Johnson. The possibilities for puns seem endless with that particular brand of motor and I thought it fitting to work the play on words into the name of the boat.

Sea Hagg
1975 DS 20 sailboat moored at Lake St. Clair, Belle River, Ontario
She's my first boat. I gave her that name 'cause my nickname is Hagg and I like mermaids.

Beautiful Loser
18' Wellcraft moored at my house in Cincinnati, OH
A Bob Seger song that has been a favorite of mine for over 25 years.

 Group Therapy
34' Bayliner - Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City, MI 
I'm a family psychologist that loves boating in the awesome albeit brief summers of Northen Michigan. My daughter named the vessel for the QT our family spends on the waters.

Puddle Pirate
2000 Maxum 1900SR - Allentown, PA
Since we mainly use our 19' bowrider on lakes, and since I am a Coast Guard Reservist, I decided to name it "Puddle Pirate", which is a tounge-in-cheek nickname for Coasties. It is also discernable on the radio.

1990 40' Sea Ray Sundancer - Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, LA
My husband has to sell lots of tires to pay for her!

Hyas Canim
1973 34' Tollycraft, Anacortes, WA
During if not before the 1800's and into the early 1900's, a trade language developed among the Indians and the "white people" known as Chinook Jargon. The boat name is Chinook Jargon, and means "big (or great) canoe"

Mi' Su
1979 Searay 200 SRV 20'
We have a 1979 searay 200srv 20' that was a close bow that I converted into a cute cuddy... long story. Anyway, we were struggling with what to name her until the 3 yr old neighbor kid's nickname for my wife Su, became the best choice. You should hear little Curtis say " Bye Me Su."

South Coast 23, Lake Ponchartrain in Luziana
The name, Le'MiGeaux!! is something I made up to look like Cajun French, and it means Let Me Go, referring to land life in general and jobs, debt, responsibilities, etc. in particular.

Reel Love
2004 22' Hurricane Deck Boat, San Sebastian Marina, Micco, FL
we have found real love in each other & love to fish.  Since my husband is a retired Coast Guard Officer, & I used to be a land lubber, I have now found a reel love of the sea! 

September Sea
1984 Lancer Sloop fin-keel
We planned to move aboard a sailboat for our 30th wedding anniversary.  There were those who thought that we may change our minds in time.  As our anniversary approached that particular September they were proved wrong as they saw the transom and I said: "September, see!"  Not only is the pun there, but so are our hearts in that we both love to "see the sea."

Cruise Missile
04' 260 Chaparral Mid-Cabin, Toms River, NJ
It is built with a Mercruiser 496 cu. inch HO and a Bravo 3. ...obviously a "Cruise Missile"

Puddle Jumper
1987 16.5' Seasquit - Orlando, FL
Our 1986 19 ft Searay Seville is When I bought the boat, my first time out, I happened to take it out on a day there was a fishing tournament. There was a long channel and open flats on each side, to get to open water. A huge shrimp boat was just plowing to get to the end.  Not wanting to wait till it got there I got my boat on a plain and passed...duh, came upon the wake and had no choice but to hang on and hit open air! Thus the name.

Carpenter 29ft - Hauraki Gulf, NZ
Another product of my creative genius!! (written upside-down on the hull)

Little Toot
18 foot Custom Tug Boat made in Bass Harbour Maine at the Bob  Rich Boat Works Age    1959 Moored Hilton Head Island, SC with The Molly B Party Barge.
Take a look at www.littletoot.net and you will know why it is named Little Toot. The Little Tug Boat that could and did.

986 19 ft Searay Seville - Mill Creek in the Magothy River - Annapolis, MD
Our 1986 19 ft Searay Seville is name "Bareacooter" because one night out in the Chesapeake Bay my wife fell over board backwards trying to take a leak, and when she fell over she showed her Bare Cooter to everyone on board.

Pier Pressure
25 ft 1984 Century Mid cabin cruiser - Kewaunee WI
First of all, the obvious its a sort of pun' and most of all allot of my buddies have cruisers, I just had to have one too! Peer Pressure~Pier Pressure. It is a 25 ft 1984 Century Mid cabin cruiser. Kept in Kewaunee Wi. At its slip in Inner harbor marina. Used by Liz and myself every weekend in the summer for fishing on lake Michigan ... John Stonelake.

Marina Del Sol, Kemah, TX
My husband and I named our Beneteau 351 TURN ONE because he used to race motorcycles. When we got together and found out that I was in love with him he said he felt like he was in "turn one", the most exciting and dangerous turn of a race. Laura and Glenn St. John

Flats Rascal
2003 Cape Horn 14 - Tallahassee, FL
Used for pleasure and fishing the flats of the north Florida gulf coast. My lady and I enjoy music of the progressive country act Rascal Flatts. So ...

1977 Bay Liner 2150 Liberty - Duluth, MN
My first Big Boat. I am a CD counselor and for my therapy I spend my winters working on my boats and summer fishing from them. I loved watching this one come together. She really has been my Therapy.

Blown Away
1980 Ranger 22 - Lake Ontario
If you've ever seen my crew at a post-regatta party you'd understand the name.

66 Columbia contender 24 - Percy Priest lake, Nashville TN
The name is an old nick name ... earned in the bars.

Wetdream 2
1985 Baja Force 280 - Winthrop Harbor, IL
The name came from my mother. When I was growing up on Lake Michigan on my parents' sailboat, I said I was going to have a performance boat. My mother said, sit down and shut up -- you're suffering from another wet dream. Hence the name.

1967 24 ft Columbia Contender - Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI
My girlfriend said if I wanted to propose I should get a boat instead of a ring. So the boat is, well, Her Ring

1986 Irwin Citation 32 - Corpus Christi City Marina, Corpus Christi, TX
After sinking my first sailboat, a 1971 Cal 27, I found my current boat. At that time she was named 'DEFINITIVE I" which I didn't like. As I was signing the papers in the brokers office I thought to myself "Well, here come more trouble" - and that became the name.

1986 SeaRay Sundancer - Vero Beach FL
The name was already on the boat , However My husband and I coach football for the recreation department here in Vero Beach and since we purchased the boat 1 week before the Kick-Off of our football season , we feel that this name suits us perfect !!!

Aurora Blue
21 ft. Sirius sloop - North Central Florida, Gainesville, FL
Aurora is Mother of the Wind, and Blue (blew) is color of our boat (and the past tense of the wind's bluster).

Toy Yot
Victoria, BC
I had a small skiff and being my first "boat" I was thinking big.

25' stamas c.c w/ twin yamaha's - Popponesett, Cape Cod, MA
The reason for naming the boat was scent of a woman. I'll leave it at that.

33 Megabites
1986 Bertram 33' Sportfisher - San Diego, CA
I chose this name for 3 reasons:
  1. The term unveils my connection with computers (I'm a software engineer)
  2. Using the word bites instead of bytes, changes the meaning to mean "catches lots of fish", and
  3. the number 33 ties into the boat itself as a 33 footer.

Heads or Tails
1971 C&C 25 - Port Dalhousie, ON
It was named 'Heads or Tails' as the previous owners were two doctors: one a psychiatrist and the other a gynacologist.

Promiscuous One
1999 Boston Whaler - Provincetown MA
I couldn't help it.

Cal 25 ['80] - Atlanta Ga, and Bufort,SC
Meaning a Young Swan. We are about to retire on a larger boat and pondering a new name and I ran across your site. Haven't got the boat or name yet. Still selling the house. enjoyed the site and reading the names...so cute.

Summer Breeze
1973 Cal 27 - Marina Del Ray, CA
I'm from Santa Barbara and we have in what's called Santa Ana winds that come down from Mexico and are very warm. These are known also as the special Summer Breeze. Also, the name connotes warm, friendly and comforting sentiment - just like those received when sailing during a beautiful day in Southern California.

Mahalo Bon
26 ft Sea Ray Sundancer- Phoenix, AZ
My mother recently passed away and we gave tribute to her by naming our boat (Thank-You Bonnie). We know she is dancing with the angels and getting a big chuckle out of the boats name. This name seemed most appropriate because of her life time of giving to our family.

Sjora Jack
22 ft. Helsen Sailboat - Lake George, FL
Sjora is a Swedish name we thought was fitting and Jack is for my husband's grandfather (who passed away as we were purchasing the boat)

1992 Sea Ray 200SR - Lake Tahoe/Lake Almanor CA
I work in the internet business (yes, still ;-) and we bought the boat as great way to get me off the computer and out of the office . I am a boat-nut from way back and this is a great way to spend QT with the family.

Keel n Time
1988 26 ft. Chris Craft. - York River, VA